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Whether you are setting up a new printer or are having troubles with one that you already have, our Printer Technical Support team fulfils your need of the hour by offering quick and reliable solutions. Our technical prowess extends to many renowned printer brands like HP, Dell, Lexmark, Epson, Brother, and Canon. To ensure that your work continues without any hassles, our experts sit through the entire procedure with you until your printer issue has been resolved.

Our remote support system includes configuration, non-alignment of papers, rectifying spooler errors, cartridge issues, decoding error messages, and printer troubleshooting. Our team of experts will also be available to guide you in diagnosing and fixing network and connectivity issues, cartridge and paper jam issues, complete setup guidance and detailed step by step manual to configure, install or uninstall wired and wireless printers.

You can always reach out to our team by email or call. Other than that you can also request our tech support team to give you a call back online via the chat option on the website.

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Just click on to our website and call at our toll free number 1-800-295-0159 or you can send in your queries in the jot form or you can directly start a live chat in our chat support to our experts who will assist you further.
We offer services and support on all major brands of printer like HP, BROTHER, LEXMARK, EPSON, CANON, SAMSUNG, ZEBRA, DELL and their peripherals as well.
Inorder to save your time and resources, RS Technologies,LLC have an excellent team of experts who will offer solutions to all issues on your printer via Remote Technical Support.
Our charges are based on the complexity of the issues on your printer and mode of payment is either done through online or by cheque as well. We have a dedicated team of billing officers who will make sure that the payment is done in a safe mode with total security.
We do have special plans and discounts for services and support that we offer to our loyal customers. Also for our new customers, the charges for our services and support are very budget friendly keeping in mind that our main focus is to serve and solve all your printer related issues in the best possible way we can.
You can always send in your queries to our email address


Whether it’s a matter of getting a clearly printed document or a rich-coloured presentation report, EPSON printers stand as the first choice for every business owner. On a daily basis, businesses require their printers to do more than just regular printing work. They require a printer that scans and faxes while also meeting other requirements of the workplace. That is why EPSON printers are just the perfect choice as they are multi-functional and get your work done with ease.


Though Epson printers are an excellent choice for your business, there may be times when you might face some technical issues during installation or use. We, at RS Technologies LLC, understand that you might befall such issues at any point, which is why our reputed technical support team is here to help you with cost-effective and instant solutions at any point in time. Some of the technical issues that you might face, which we can help you with are-

  • Printer installation error
  • Printer configuration error
  • Printer’s inability to fetch commands from peripherals
  • Printer working slow
  • Printer stops working
  • Faded prints
  • Epson Printer paper loading problem
  • Print head error
  • Scanning problems
  • Printer software driver problem
  • Paper-jamming issues
  • Not being able to connect to a wireless network
  • Cartridge Alignment
  • Spooling errors
  • Unable to print black text message

If you are facing any of these aforementioned issues, you can reach out to us, on our toll-free number, (1-800-295-0159) to receive the best printer technical support services from our experts, to resolve your printer issues.

Lexmark is a worldwide pioneer in assembling of laser printers and other software It offers a broad scope of printers for both individual and expert utility. The product’s unwavering quality, superb execution, adaptable paper dealing, simple installation procedure, long-lasting supplies, and superior printing quality are few of its remarkable highlights.


Despite the fact that Lexmark printers are effective, strong, and capable, there are occasions when you might experience issues during installation or utilization of the product. Some of these problems, which you might come across are-

  • Abrupt failure of the printer’s driver during
  • Page alignment error
  • Connection breaks while printing
  • Paper jamming issues
  • Failure to connect to a wireless connection
  • Non-responsiveness to the print command
  • Cartridge jam error
  • Printer unable to print a specific color
  • Printing stops abruptly
  • Spooling issues
  • Driver update error
  • Configuration error
  • Poor print quality
  • Print-head error
  • Occurence of a greyish background on the page
  • Printer power issues

On the off chance that you experience any of these issues, don’t get stressed. Pick up your phone and give our experts a call on our toll-free number (1-800-295-0159) to receive a quick and dependable chat for technical support and services for your Lexmark printer.

When it comes to the customer's choice and usage for printers, there is no doubt that HP printers top the list. Whether it concerns an individual or a business, HP Printers are made to suit the needs of all users. HP printers range from laserjet to Inkjet, all accessible in different shapes, utility types, and sizes, just to perfectly accommodate your needs.


While installing or using any of the HP Printers, you may face certain issues or errors. Being a reputed HP Printer remote technical support provider, RS Technologies offers cost-effective and instant solutions to all the issues listed below:

  • Printer installation error
  • Printer configuration error
  • Failure of the printer to fetch command from peripherals
  • Slow performance issues
  • Printer stops working
  • Faded prints
  • Paper loading issues
  • Print head error
  • Scanning problems
  • Printer driver problem
  • Paper jamming issues
  • Failure to connect to a wireless network
  • Cartridge Alignment
  • Spooling errors

If you are facing any of these issues, don’t forget to call us on our toll-free number (1-800-295-0159) to receive technical help from our skilled experts. Having the right tools and the best service and support is just what you need when your printer gives in.

Another printer that most used by people and businesses worldwide is the Canon printer. The printer is user-friendly and offers an array of choices to choose from. Canon printers are innovative, secure, and environment-friendly which makes them an ideal choice for the workplace as well as home.


Nevertheless, every now and then there might be an issue or two that might cause your work to come to a halt because after all it is a machine and all machines require care for the best results. Some of the errors that you might run into with a Canon printer are-

  • Overheating of the print head
  • Overheating of the system
  • Canon printer error in LF encoder signal
  • Canon printer cartridge mechanism jam
  • Canon printer printing issue
  • Canon printer poor print quality
  • Canon printer driver corrupt
  • A problem in power connection of your Canon printer
  • Paper jam or out of paper
  • Canon printer wireless connectivity issue
  • Some or all of the page printing is faded
  • Canon printer ghosting
  • Canon printer 50.4 error message
  • Canon printer 79 error
  • Canon printer scanning problems
  • Communication errors
  • Canon printer spooling errors

In case of such situations, get in touch with us for your Canon printer ’s technical support and services on our toll-free number (1-800-295-0159) to receive expert advice from our professionals about dealing with any of the aforementioned issues. Our years of experience gives us the excellence to provide you with specialized solutions for both Canon wired and wireless printer installation, setup, and other errors.

Get instant support for all models of Brother Printers with us at RS Technologies, LLCfor every issue that you might come across from establishment to arrangement and printing mistakes. Just call us on toll-free number (1-800-295-0159) and receive quick solutions from our team of experts.


The most widely encountered issues or mistakes that you may confront while using Brother Printer are:

  • Printer head overheating
  • Increase in internal temperature
  • Printer error in LF encoder signal
  • Printer cartridge mechanism jam
  • Printing issue
  • Poor quality prints
  • Corrupt printer driver
  • Issues in power connection
  • Paper jam or false out-of-paper message
  • Printer wireless connectivity issue
  • Faded print outs
  • Printer ghosting
  • Printer scanning problems
  • Communication errors
  • Printer spooling errors

When it comes to Products and Processes, Zebra printer has the most advanced solutions. And they’re embedded with software for remote management, easy integration and peak performance. Zebra printer being a premium printer bring advanced industrial printing quality offering the fastest print speeds, print quality and manageability in its class.


Some of the errors that you might face with Samsung Printers are-

  • Facing troubles with CPCL command
  • Zebra Troubleshooting problems
  • The printer is consuming extra paper
  • Irresponsiveness to the print command
  • Feeds blank page
  • Failure to report issues to CUPS
  • Failure to connect with the PC or Laptop
  • Connection breakdown during the printing operation
  • Printer spooling issues
  • Printer unable to print a specific colour

If and when you are faced with any of the issues above, give us a call on our toll-free number (1-800-295-0159) or write to us at and get instant support from our dedicated team of experts.

Samsung can produce home office printers that match great prints with low running costs. Samsung printers make it easy for users to have the print performance they need at a great price.


Owning a Samsung printer has numerous benefits, though, like any other technology, Samsung printers have a few minor caveats. However, don’t be dismayed because RS Technologies,LLC can offer the quickest and easy solution to any of these following issues that you are facing in your Samsung Printer-

  • Low Toner Error
  • Printer is printing too slow
  • Paper Jam issues
  • Printer is printing, but the printed pages are streaked, blotchy or faded.
  • Printer is sending the print job to the wrong computer
  • Troubleshooting software problems
  • Printer connectivity problems
  • “Spooler” Error Message
  • Printing only half a page
  • Pixelated Photos
  • Black and white images have colors or hints of color
  • Printed image is different from the image displayed on the computer

If you are facing any of these issues aforementioned, just reach out to us at our toll free number: 1-800-295-0159 and our certified experts will provide you the best printer technical support service to resolve your printer's problem.

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