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RS Cleaner v1.0.0

Your system might have appropiate framework installed.
Therefore, as supported and required, download .NET framework from Microsoft's official website from below links:

.NET 4.0    |    .NET 4.5    |    .NET 4.5.1    |    .NET 4.5.2    |    .NET 4.6    |    .NET 4.6.1

RS Cleaner

RS Cleaner is the best tool to clean your PC.

Computers tend to run like a tortoise over time. The main basic reason behind is the installation of various unnecessary applications that end ip eating larger spaces and energy of the computer making it lazy and slow. Unwanted stuffs also can sometimes end up on the computer leaving traces of unsatisfied work or bussiness such as interrupting, closing, hang or anything and so before its too late to run for the rescue, RS Cleaner helps to maintain everything removing all the wastes, cleaning the computer to be at its best. The computer in such states can also make one wait for the application to launch or open, load or print, which may not seem like a lot, but saving 5 min a day dictates to a time savings of more than 20 hours per year, Which is valued by our company because time is very precious and we cannot afford to lose so much of time nor can we allow to do so for others and therefore we ensure that your computers are always at a good state.

Ours PC optimization tool is so handy that it has become users' favourite tool. It is so simplified version of a complicated procedure that even the first user masters it. Apart from this it is packed with advanced features for power users.

Your privacy is our responsibility and cleaning is our habit.

Avast Virus Lab Test Report

You antivirus might get suspecious when installing RS Cleaner, but you need not worry.
RS Cleaner - Avast Virus Lab Test Report

An OpenSource Initiative

RS Cleaner is an Open Source software in which the source code provided can be enhanced, modified and inspected according to the will of the customers as per the needs and necessities allowing ideas its freedom to fly up high. Since this tool is an open source software, the users enjoys the rights to study, change, and distribute the software to anyone and for any purpose. In addition this tool has been developed in a collaborative public manner.

RS Cleaner - Cleaning Features

System Cleaning Features

RS Cleaner - System Cleaning Features
Recycle Bin

Recycle bin is special file directory where deleted files are temporarily stored and because of which accidently deleted files can be recovered. It needs to be cleared out in order to keep the hard disk free so that the other important files get space. The recycle bin can be removed but by doing so suddenly or accidently deleted files cannot be recovered. RS Cleaner help you manage it without allowing any of your valuable data to be erased and mark the wastes for you to detect.

Event Logs

An event log is a basic "log book" that is analyzed and monitored for higher level "network intelligence" as it provides information about network traffic, usage and other conditions for which the RS Cleaner keep it maintained and work on the gowl with the intellegent system of working that has been put down into the RS Cleaner.

Temporary Directories

A temporary directory in computing is a directory or a folder used to hold on to temporary files. RS Cleaner handles various operating systems and some software cache that helps the computer to function normally without hampering space-reclaiming procedures of the computer where without any permission it deletes the contents of this directory at bootup or at regular intervals, leaving the directory itself intact. RS Cleaner take note on every directories and systemize the work accordingly.

URL Cache

The URL Cache class applies the caching of responses to URL load requests by mapping NSURL Request objects to Cached URL Response objects. It applies a composite in-memory and on-disk cache for which a lot of memory gets captured unnecessarily but nothing to worry about when the RS Cleaner is at the rescue, we clean through all the wastes of a computer taking pain to perfection.

Icon Cache

The Icon Cache is a special database file that is utilised to keep copies of each icon handy. The RS Cleaner helps you with all of these reducing your headache.


Data buffer used for short-term data storage and data transfer between applications or documents by making use of cut, copy and paste options that are provided by the operating system. Which means long lost unwanted data stays back in the memory eating your space holding it to work smooth but RS Cleaner will never let you down and take care of all the things out there.

Start Menu Shortcuts

Want easy and quick access that can save up uour precious time? RS Cleaner are on the way for you, providing all the services we mention.

Hibernate Cache

The performance of the application is improved by hibernate caching pooling the object in the cache. It comes in use when one has to fetch the same data a multiple times reducing memory in a lot of circumstances and RS Cleaner keeps it in track and helps work it out accordingly.

Advance Cleaning Features

RS Cleaner - Advance Cleaning Features

The prefetch folder is self-maintaining, and no clearing is needed. The RS Cleaner help to maintain it keeping the computer boosted.

Log Files

In computing, a log file is a file that either records the events that occur in an operating system or messages or other software files that are mediate for different users of every communication software and RS cleaner allows you to be stress free for these matters.

Disk Clean

Disk Clean-up in RS Cleaner is a computer maintenance utility to release space in disk of computer's hard drive. It finds and analysis the hard drive for files that has become a waste, and then removes them boosting the computer.

Wipe Free Space

For security and privacy reasons, RS Cleaner help to wipe the free space of your hard disk so that erased files can never be revived.

Check Disk

CHKDSK is a system tool in DOS, FlexOS, OS/2 and Windows. It analysis and fixes logical file system errors along with file system integrity of a volume. It is similar to the fsck command in Unix. On Windows NT operating systems, CHKDSK can also check the disk surface for dry areas and mark them. RS Cleaner takes care of disk checking automatically to keep system disk functionality intact.

Memory Dump

In computing, at a specific time and state, a core dump, crash dump, system dump or memory dump consists of a working memory of a computer program that are recorded, generally when the program has crashed or otherwise abnormally terminated. RS Cleaner prevents such things and helps the computer to boost up.

Windows Cleaning Features

RS Cleaner - Windows Cleaning Features
Recent Documents
Flush DNS

With time, systems automatically shows up all the cached IP addresses and other DNS results, it uses the same hostname to speed up the subsequent solicit. But at times, bad results will also be cached and so it needs to be cleared from your cache which is done by the RS Cleaner without delaying, we flush DNS not the colour of your face.

Network Password

The Network password is that which is used to logon to our domain from the computer. It is also the password which is used to retrieve mails and secret stuffs to invade the world, kidding, but its a very useful thing that falls on the service of the RS Cleaner.

Desktop Shortcuts

Some say shortcuts are no way to achieve success but for computer one can earn everything with shortcuts and RS Cleaner helps you knit the desktop shortcuts without a lot of fuss.